Scorpion STA - Olive

Scorpion STA - Olive

Product Code: Viperhood Scorpion STA
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Made for snipers!


- increased area for mounting disguise elements. Allows to combine grass, 3d elements and natural stuff

- can be more or less baggy

- can be used in different seasons

- can be integrated with chest and back platform

1. Main:

- produced sizes 44-46 up to 56-58. In summer can be used with 60-62 size. Different adjustments allow to fit any body easily

2. Sleeves:

- made with maximum ventilation to lover heating.

- 2 elastic cord adjusters are on sling. Can be adjusted with one hand

3. Chest, back and shoulders:

- top part adjustment with two fastex in front and elastic cord with clamps on bottom part on back. Adjustment with one hand.

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