Izlom (Skol)

Izlom (Skol)

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WOODMAN Boonie hat


Military style boonie hats with extended masking effect.

Loops woven into the sides for leaves and branches. Additional grids for masking with leaves and branches. “Hillock” effect when when using all masking possibilities.

4 side vents. Light top comparing to standard boonies.

One size with different adjustable straps for fitting.

Fabric - rip-stop with high tensile strength.


Our patterns:

"Pogranichnik", "Izlom/Skol", "Flek-D", "Berezka yellow", "Berezka gray", "Multicam", “A-TACS FG”, "EMR 1/Russian digit", "EMR 2", "Partizan/SS Summer", “Flora”, “Olive”, “Black”

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